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Street Smart Auto Brokers



About Us

Street Smart Auto Brokers is a leading used car dealer based in Colorado Springs, founded in 2011 with customers in mind by professionals who sought to make the car buying experience simple and straightforward. As one of the largest providers of used cars in the area, it made sense to offer used car inventory directly to the public, saving customers time and money. Street Smart offers the same vehicles for less money and more value than other dealers in the area by using the Smart Market Pricing, making it easier for customers to see that they are getting the best deal. We have asked customers what would make the car buying experience easier for them, and the one thing that came up time and time again is "Why Can't Dealers Put their Best Price First?" That is what Smart Market Pricing does, it allows us to shop the market for you and come up with a price that is right the first time, making stressful negotiations unnecessary. Street Smart Auto Brokers know that “life is stressful enough, buying a car shouldn’t be.”
At Street Smart Auto Brokers, one of our main objectives is to provide the finest options and solutions for used cars to Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

We have already attained several awards for excellence in service since our founder, Mark Weida, began the business in 2011.
With these philosophies, Street Smart Auto Brokers have grown exponentially since opening, including our Street Smart Auto Care service established to help customers with all car servicing needs.

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