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Best Air Duct Cleaning Company in Southern Colorado. Our NADCA certified air duct cleaning technicians have the training and tools to clean your residential and commercial air ducts and dryer vents. Planet Duct also does air duct sealing and air duct encapsulation. We use powerful 13,000 cfm vacuum trucks and pneumatic and rotary agitation tools to knock loose the dust and debris which pulled out to our truck. Our technicians use corner guards, drop cloths and moving blankets to protect you floors and walls. We have the equipment, training and expertise that amateur companies cannot even hope to match.


Commercial Duct Cleaning
Duct in a Victorian Home Before
Duct in a Victorian Home After
Plastic Toys on the Heat Exchanger
Filthy air duct
Clogged dryer vent- fire hazard
Condenser Coil cleaning
Masking over a supply register
Dirty Turning Vanes
Debris in an air duct
That's why the room is cold.
Huge furnace with asbestos lined ducts
enough lint to burn out your dryer
Old magazines in the air ducts
The Boss Training in Michigan
Frozen coil because it was dirty and restricting air flow
our newest air duct truck
air duct truck
more toys in the air ducts

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